Sizing Guides (Human, Canine and Equine)

Men's Clothing Sizing


Chest Size Inches
S 34-36"
M 38-40"
L 42-44"
XL 46-48"
XXL 50-52"
XXXL 54-56"



Lansdown Cap Size Head Circumference (cm) UK Hat Size
S 54cm 6 5/8
M 56cm 6 7/8
L 58cm 7 1/8
XL 60cm 7 3/8
XXL 62cm 7 5/8


Women's Clothing Sizing


Size NameChest Measurement (inches)
6 30” to 32”
8 32” to 33”
10 33” to 34”
12 34” to 36”
14 36” to 38”
16 38” to 40”
18 40” to 42”
20 42” to 44”
22 44” to 46”
24 46” to 48”


Measuring your dog for a coat:

Make sure that your dog is standing straight with his weight spread evenly on all four legs. Measure from the base of the dog’s neck to the base of the dog’s tail in cm. It may help to follow the length of the dogs spine. Your dog should be looking forwards.

if you wish to order a bespoke or breed dog coat, it is often helpful to take a second measurement of the chest circumference. If in any doubt, please give us a call.

Horse Rug Sizing

Using a tape measure (or a piece of string that you can measure later) measure your horse from the centre of his chest, across the point of his shoulder and horizontally along the side to the point where you require the rug to finish (normally vertically below the dock). 
Rugs are sized in feet and inches, in increments of 3” although in Europe, measurements are starting to be taken along the top seam in cm. If your horse is between sizes, you are usually better to go up a size rather than down, unless your horse is of small build or narrow chested. If you think your horse may require a bespoke rug, please read our page on Breed Coats, Bespoke Horse and Dog Rugs and then give us a call.
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Please note that Lansdown Multi-Purpose Rugs will not stretch. Please buy the size that fits your horse. Our strong tape sewn along the topline ensures that the rug keeps its shape.
The following table is intended as a guide only. EU measurements can vary.
Rug Size (Feet and inches) Measurement along bottom of rug (inches) EU Back Seam (Cm) Fits Approximately (HH)
5'9" 69" 125 14.2-15.0
6'0" 72" 135 15.0-15.2
6'3" 75" 140 15.2-16.0
6'6" 78" 145 16.0-16.2
6'9" 81" 155 16.2-17.0
7'0" 84" 160 17.0-17.2